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World of Tanks

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World of Tanks

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World of Tanks – The tanks are rolling

The game World of Tanks from Wargaming is the undisputed top dog in the field of tank games and offers a comprehensive and breathtaking tank spectacle for everyone, whether casual gamer or hardcore tank lover. Join the battles with your friends and earn hundreds of different tanks from tier 1 to tier 10. You have the choice between artillery, light, medium and heavy tanks from many different nations. Has it always been your dream to drive the Maus? World of Tanks offers you exactly this experience in epic battles around the world.

Research, Educate, Improve

Once you start with a Tier 1 tank, it won’t be long before you can already research to Tier 2 in the tech tree and thus have a more powerful tank to call your own. You have the choice between hundreds of tanks and many different paths through the research tree to your favorite tank. Besides researching, you also have to take care of your crew and train them through battles. Once you’ve trained your crew enough, each crew member will offer you different abilities that will make your tank even more dangerous. When a tank is fully researched and all modules are installed, you can upgrade it again and modify it however you like. WoT offers many options to adapt your tank to your playstyle.

Special events in WoT

Especially the events and new game modes that are implemented at regular intervals offer variety, new challenges and even more fun with your tanks. It doesn’t matter whether you eliminate all your enemies in Battle Royale style in Steel Hunter mode, or whether you prefer to fight epic 30vs30 battles in Frontline mode. World of Tanks always offers you something new and has been delighting gamers for over 10 years.

Reward Tanks and Missions

Are you looking for a special challenge in WoT that need all your skills? Try your skill at the reward tanks like the StuG-IV, T-55A and the Object 260 from the first front. If this is not enough, you can also try your skill at the second front to get the Excalibur, Chimera and the very special Object 279(e) reward tank. The missions are often difficult and often require a lot of time and skill. Of course you can also book all missions at Gamelooting if you want it to go faster.