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World of Tanks WN8 Statistic & Rating

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World of Tanks WN8 Statistics & Rating

Buy World of Tanks WN8 Stats and Rating - Need better stats or would like to make up for your bad sessions? The sellers are the right partner when it comes to Win-Rate & WN8. Particular attention is paid to speed and service quality. They don't make empty promises, but try to constantly improve the process and make it even faster. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

WN8 as an important value in WoT

Although WN8 is not an official value found in World of Tanks, the Mod XVM has been an integral part of most players for years in WoT. As a mature and very accurate indicator of performance, the WN8 value offers real added value for you as a player and also shows you constantly whether you have improved, maybe you are better in different tanks than in others or whether you have ever delivered an outstanding battle. WN8 is also taken by almost all clans as the most important value for a recording. From the classic tomato with a red WN8 rating to the dark purple super unicum driver, the WN8 value always offers a first impression for all team members and also for all opponents. With this value, it is often possible to determine a sensible division before the start of the battle in order to be able to optimally exploit the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.

Wins, losses and draws

Of course, a win is always the goal, but it doesn't always succeed and the average player is usually somewhere between 45% and 48% win rate. For particularly good players, the value can be as high as 60%. Since the WoT matchmaker always tries to create a certain balance, you can see from the win rate whether someone is a real team player who also influences battles or whether he often just represents HP for the opponent . Victory in a battle is also important because it is often a requirement for missions and also brings significantly more experience and credits as a reward. Gamelooting can increase your win rate to the desired value when you only have the bad players on your team.

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