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World of Tanks Events

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Statistic Up Battles

Get your statistic boost with up to 5k WN8!
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3 Gunmarks

Get 3 Gunmarks on your favorite tanks!
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World of Tanks Events

Buy World of Tanks Events - A new event is available in WoT and you don’t have the time or inclination to earn all the rewards by yourself? Gamelooting offers almost all available events and thus offers you all the rewards of the respective event completely stress-free and without effort.

Gamelooting is exactly the right partner when it comes to events. Particular attention is paid to speed and service quality. We don't make empty promises, but try to constantly improve the process and make it even faster. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Are you ready for some great fun? and good action?

Events in WoT

Events are a constant companion in WoT and come into play at irregular intervals. In addition to classics such as Frontlinie or Steel Hunter, World of Tanks always offers new exciting events. The rewards are often really first-class and due to the time limit of the events it is often hardly possible to complete all the conditions yourself in order to get all the prizes. Exactly in this case, Gamelooting gives you the option of simply buying complete events and having them taken care of. This way you are independent and don't have to change the way you play to get all the prizes. Some events like Frontline also offer a massive advantage such as a lot of credits as a reward for battles in the corresponding mode. All of this ensures that events are always a welcome change and always offer us WoT players something new so that it doesn't get too boring on the battlefield.

Battle Pass in World of Tanks

In recent years, the Battle Pass has been introduced in WoT. Of course, we all know the principle from many other games and Wargaming didn't reinvent the wheel here either. The Battle Pass offers many rewards for diligent tank drivers besides normal play and offers even increased rewards with the premium version, but only for real money. In addition to the rewards of each tier, each section of the Battle Pass also offers a unique 3D skin for one of the three tanks featured in the Battle Pass. The 3D skins are rare and very popular, but also difficult to obtain unless you consistently spend many hours on the battlefield. Through orders at Gamelooting, we automatically farm Battle Pass Points for you while we complete your orders. This saves you time and you can reach all levels without having too few points at the end.

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