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WoT – Waffenträger Legacy

He’s back! The Waffenträger auf E100 is waiting for you!
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Wrath of the Lich King Classic

On September 26th we’re going to Northrend again! The Lich King will receive us once more and teach us to fear him.
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WoW – Fated Raids

With Patch 9.2.5 and Season 4 in WoW, fated Raids also come into the game. Get the best loot in old raids with raid affixes!
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Gamelooting – your partner for ingame boosts and currencies

Gamelooting is a German company and has been offering you all kinds of boosts, sell runs, gold and currencies in your favorite games since 2015. Gamelooting started with World of Warcraft and shortly afterwards Diablo 3 followed. We originally sold in-game sell runs for WoW Gold and we were asked again and again whether the sell run/boost could also be paid for with money . Since the demand for sell runs and boosts for money grew, Andreas and Oliver decided to found the company Gamelooting.

Today Gamelooting is the leading company in Germany when it comes to in-game currencies like Gold in WoW, Orbs in Path of Exile or boosts in games like World of Tanks. With more than 800 boosters and now more than 1500 suppliers, Gamelooting has a wide range and can fulfill almost all your wishes. We have always attached particular importance to security, which is why various products are still not available from Gamelooting, such as PvP Boosts in WoW.

We provide you with the best possible boosts, very fast deliveries of Gold, Orbs and currencies, but at the same time ensure transparent processes and fair payment to our partners. Our goal was never to be the cheapest, but to guarantee the quality and safety that we would also demand as a customer. This also sets us apart from the competition from Eastern Europe and China. For us, the customer always comes first and we do our best every day to fulfill all wishes and orders in the best possible way.