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WoW Boosts, Mounts & Pets, Gold - You have no pleasure in farming gear for hours on end or struggling through random raids? Gamelooting offers you professional boostruns and provides you with desired items and gold. No more farming or wiping, just do the in-game activities you enjoy most. No matter if you're doing achievements, collecting mounts, leveling up professions or just want to visit raids and dungeons with your friends. With up-to-date gear and maxed out strength for your character it'll be easy for you!

World of Warcraft, the king of online MMOs

World of Warcraft has been delighting gamers around the world since 2005 with fantastic worlds, dungeons, raids and many other challenges in classic fantasy style. In WoW you choose a class and thus a role in the fantasy world. Be it the tank, healer or classically the damage cause such as villains, magicians or warlocks. Together with friends, your guild or even with casual acquaintances, you plunge into an adventure in Azeroth and other worlds.

Items, mounts and pets

In addition to the classic items of equipment such as armor and weapons, WoW offers you numerous mounts, toys for pastime, pets and much more. In classic quests as well as in dungeons and raids you will find the most powerful objects in World of Warcraft to further strengthen your character.

Make new friends in World of Warcraft

Since WoW is a typical MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, there is always the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances in order to have adventures together or to fight the toughest raids and bosses which can only be defeated in large groups of up to 40 players.

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Gamelooting offers you all the necessary advantages to enjoy your adventure even more relaxed. Farming gold in particular is often very time-consuming and tedious. Simply buy your required WoW gold at Gamelooting and buy everything you need. Should you not manage certain raids, dungeons or bosses, be it due to the lack of time or the lack of equipment, gamelooting will help you quickly and easily with any WoW boost so that you can get your desired items quickly and easily.