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Gamelooting becomes a Marketplace

Gamelooting is now a marketplace! All prices are therefore 30-50% permanently cheaper for you!
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WoW Dragonflight – Season 1

The first season of Dragonflight begins! Secure your Mythic+ Runs and Raids!
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PoE – The forbidden Sanctum

On Friday 09.12. the new Path of Exile League “The forbidden Sanctum” will start!
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WoW Dragonflight

The new addon is live and we offer you all services for your perfect start in Dragonflight!
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Gamelooting – Your marketplace for ingame boosts and currencies

Gamelooting is a german company that has been offering you various boosts, sell runs, gold, and currencies in your favorite games since 2015. Gamelooting started with World of Warcraft, followed shortly by Diablo 3 and World of Tanks. Originally, we sold in-game sell runs for WoW Gold , and we kept receiving requests asking whether sell runs/boosts could be purchased with money. As the demand for sell runs and boosts for money grew, Andreas and Oliver decided to found the company Gamelooting.

Today, Gamelooting is one of the largest marketplaces in Germany when it comes to in-game currencies such as Gold in WoW, Orbs in Path of Exile, or even boosts in games like World of Tanks. With more than 500 sellers, the Gamelooting marketplace has a wide range of offerings, and nearly all of your wishes can be fulfilled. We have always placed special emphasis on speed, quality, and security.

The sellers provide you with the best possible boosts and very fast deliveries of Gold, Orbs and currencies. Our support via email or live chat is also vastly different from the competition in Eastern Europe and China. For us, the customer always comes first, and we strive daily to fulfill all wishes and orders to the best of our ability. If you have a question that the product description cannot answer, come to us in the live chat, and we will do everything to ensure that there are no more questions.