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Burning Crusade WoW is old, different but extremely popular

Especially the new players from World of Warcraft who have never played Classic and Burning Crusade before will be very surprised how the game worked back then, how long it takes for individual quests or how difficult it is to achieve the desired progress. A particularly big difference to today’s WoW is the leveling of the character. A very good player needs a good 10 days of play time in WoW Burning Crusade to reach level 70 and hasn’t seen much of the world in the process. Nowadays you can level a character to level 60 in less than 30 hours. Leveling is an integral and important part of Burning Crusade WoW and for many it is exactly the content that they enjoy the most. In general, Classic and Burning Crusade is significantly slower than today’s WoW. Not only does leveling take a lot more time, but also professions that actually had a great use back then and were ideal for earning gold by enchanting other players, making items or just farming.

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