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Buy WoW Class Coaching PvE – You are not sure how your class is played correctly and would like to achieve the maximum performance? Professional players from top guilds will help you and coach you in your class and your skill in PvE. We analyze your logs and find your deficits and problems in a short time. It doesn’t matter whether you are already a good player or would like to become one, our pro players always have the latest tips and tricks up their specc! Book your professional class coaching at Gamelooting today and improve yourself in the game.

Class coaching in WoW PvE

Since the beginning there have always been players who outperform all others in their performance. These are the ones who have their class perfectly under control and know all about the tricks and tips. You see various problems with your playing style but don’t know exactly where your problem lies? Our coaches look at your previous performance, analyze it and help you to solve this problem. Or maybe you’re new to the game and want to learn the basics like rotation and specs to better navigate the game world. We can also help these players so that they can enjoy their class and specialization.

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