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Buy World of Warcraft Gold – Everyone knows the problem. You see something in the auction house and unfortunately you don’t have the necessary gold to buy the item or you want to buy your mount. For many, farming is more torture than fun. And so Gamelooting offers you exactly the right alternative to quickly get the World of Warcraft Gold you need. Whether for mounts, items, or even the daily expenses. Gamelooting is exactly the right partner when it comes to WoW Gold. Particular attention is paid to the speed and the immediate availability . We don’t make empty promises, but try to constantly improve the process and make it even faster. The satisfaction of the customer is first for us.

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World of Warcraft gold as classic currency in WoW Unless we are absolutely self-sufficient in terms of herbs, ores and other everyday items, we all have to farm gold in WoW from time to time. There are many different options available to each of us. Be it the big deals in the auction house, farming and grinding mobs and items, or completing quests in which we receive gold as a reward. However, this is very time-consuming and at some point the time factor comes to the fore for each of us. Blizzard has also recognized this and now offers the WoW token as an alternative with which players can exchange hard-earned euros for virtual gold. A WoW token is already available for 20 euros and after a few hours gives you the currently valid rate of WoW gold as equivalent value.

Is buying gold legal?

Contrary to popular belief, buying gold in World of Warcraft is not illegal in any way. Certainly it is not completely green flagged by WoW’s Terms of Use, but that has nothing to do with legality or anything like that. When buying gold, only the time of procurement is remunerated and not the gold itself is bought.

How safe is it to buy gold in WoW?

There is not really a risk for the customer if he has little time to farm and would rather buy a few hundred gold instead of farming hour after hour in the game or doing business in the auction house to make a profit. Gamelooting is the perfect WoW Gold Shop when it needs to be delivered quickly and reliably. Unlike many providers, Gamelooting offers a live stock and usually delivers the purchased gold in the game within a few minutes. A simple alternative to the WoW token mentioned above, which is usually cheaper, faster and more convenient.

How did virtual currency evolve in World of Warcraft?

Many of us still know the times from Classic WoW and how long they had to farm to be able to buy the fast mount, which cost a considerable 1000 gold at the time. Nowadays you can compare this value with 10 million gold, which you definitely can’t even farm together in the evening. Even then there were already the famous China farmers with their hunters around the Blackrock. These hilarious encounters often ended up killing China farmers for hours and stealing elite mobs before they could attack them. World of Warcraft Gold has been the constant companion in our favorite MMO since 2005 and will probably remain so for many years to come.

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