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Buy WoW Reputation Boost – Since World of Warcraft Classic, there have been various reputation factions that grant you special rewards from a certain level. Toys, pets, mounts, and special items. You still need a reputation to be able to fly, but don’t have the time or inclination to grind it? The sellers on Gamelooting offers you professional boost service for all reputation factions. No more annoying grinding, just enjoy the game. Whether you want reputation, mounts or achievements. They will do everything for you as quickly as possible and with the highest efficiency. Book your boost service today!

Reputation – The slightly different grind in WoW

In Classic and other addons you could still get reputation by killing monsters and thus these grinds. Since the Legion expansion, world quests are now the main source of gaining reputation. But there are always exceptions. In addition to an achievement when you have reached exalted, you also get recipes for your profession, pets and mounts and, since the shadowlands, a whole range of cosmetic items. Occasionally there is also normal equipment, but in most cases it is useless and is quickly exchanged. Nevertheless, it is worth doing this grind because it is part of the game and you like to look at a list where you have all factions on Exalted.

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