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World of Warcraft – Vault of the Incarnates

The Vault of the Incarnates is the first raid in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The Primalists broke into the Titan prison where the Incarnates were imprisoned for so long. Inside, Raszageth performs a ritual to unleash their siblings and cleanse the world of the influence of the Titans.

The champions of Azeroth must storm the prison and disable their defenses to stop this threat. Even though the attack could cost many lives, a defeat would subject all realms to the fiery and bloody rule of the Incarnates.

Raids and Dungeons in WoW

Experience the most thrilling adventures in World of Warcraft within the game’s fascinating dungeons and raids. From classic dungeons like Scholomance and Stratholme to epic raids like Castle Nathria and Vault of the Incarnates, World of Warcraft offers a variety of challenges for players of every level and playstyle.

Dungeons in World of Warcraft are instanced sections of the game designed for small groups of 5 players. They offer a variety of enemies, bosses, and treasures to conquer. You can play dungeons alone or with friends, choosing your own level of challenge.

Raids in World of Warcraft are instanced sections of the game designed for larger groups of 10-30 players. They offer even greater challenges than dungeons and require players to cooperate and strategize in order to be successful. You can play raids with friends or in a guild, earning greater rewards.

WoW Raids – In the past and now

There are raids since the beginning of World of Warcraft. In Classic, a total of 40 players had to get together in order to go to the Molten Core or the Naxxramas, which is still famous today. With the expansion The Burning Crusade, the picture of a 40-player raid has changed and a 10-player raid came out for the first time, namely the still popular Karazhan. The big raids have also been reduced from 40 to 25 players.
There was another change with Wrath of the Lichking. Now you could enter the raid with either 10 or 25 players. The difference was that there was better loot in 25 mode.
Hardmode was then introduced in the Ulduar raid. This means that you had to do certain things in the boss fight in order to activate the hardmode, which made the fight much more difficult. This then added special loot as an extra at the end. With the Trial of the Supreme Crusader, the Normal and Heroic modes were introduced and thus Hardmode was abolished.
This concept remained for many years and it was only at the end of Kataklysmus that the so-called LFR mode was introduced so that players without a guild/group could also see the raid. This mode is only for storytelling and is very easy to clear.
Another level of difficulty has been added at the end of Mists of Pandaria and thus the beginning of Warlords of Draenor. After Heroic, there was now the currently highest level of difficulty called Mythic, which is limited to 20 players. Normal and Heroic have also undergone another change. Now groups of up to 30 players can be formed, but there must be at least 10.
This concept has now existed for more than 6 years and will be continued in this way.

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