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Buy WoW Pets – Pets have their very own section in World of Warcraft. In addition to all the fights, you can also just collect them and let them accompany you on your adventures. The TCG Pets have a very special high value. These are only available through the Trading Card Game, i.e. cards that you buy in real life and then enter the code in the game. But you can also buy them for a lot of gold in the auction house. Are you still missing one or the other pet to complete your collection? The sellers on Gamelooting offers you a lot of rare pets.

WoW Pet Dungeon

Now that pet battles have become more popular, Blizzard has released some pet dungeons. You deny there many different fights in a row to get special rewards. Not an easy task as these dungeons require special pets and tactics. Without the necessary pet inventory and tactics, you won’t survive long there. Gamelooting can get you pets and do the dungeon for you.

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