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Buy WoW Mounts – You really want to have a certain mount, but you just don’t have the time to grind it forever? Your desired mount will soon be in your possession with just a few clicks. The sellers on Gamelooting offers you any mounts from raids, instances and the open world. Most mounts are unlocked account-wide and can therefore be used by any of your characters. There is no easier way to get your desired mount without a lot of effort! Are you ready to explore the world with your new mount?

Riding was a luxury in Classic

Nowadays riding and flying are indispensable. In Classic and Burning Crusade, this had a completely different meaning. Someone who had an epic mount was a respected player in Classic and in Burning Crusade, flying was a really expensive proposition and was denied to many for a long time. But since some game content, in Burning Crusade and even Wrath of the Lich King, was only accessible via flight mount, there was no getting around it.

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