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The Shadowlands in World of Warcraft

Beyond the veil of the known world called Azeroth lie the shadow lands. A place that can be described as the afterlife. Depending on which life you have led, the soul is led to a realm after death where it can continue its existence in another form. The 4 largest realms are the Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth and the Bastion. Each realm embodies a different state of the soul. In Revendreth e.g. one must repent for a sinful life in order to be cleansed. As a righteous paladin, Uther, for example, entered the Bastion, but met a different fate when he died. He arrived there with a deep wound in his soul that caught the attention of his teacher. Many beings who feel connected to nature migrate to the Ardenwald to be reborn there from a seed. Maldraxxus is known for their fierce souls. They serve as the army of the Shadowlands to protect them from enemies such as the Light and the Void. But there is another big realm, the Maw, which is ruled by Jailer Zovaal after he was banished there. Souls come there who can no longer be saved or who have committed atrocities that can no longer be served even in Revendreth. There agony and torture await the soul. However, the jailer plans to overthrow the shadowlands and wants to reshape reality.

The Covenants of the Shadowlands

Each of the 4 realms have their own Covenant. Ardenweald has the Night Fae, Revendreth has the Venthyr, Bastion has the Kyrians, and Maldraxxus has the Necrolords. Pick one and you’ll get some special abilities tied to your pact. In addition to the pact abilities, there is still the soulbounds. These expand your abilities and give them special effects which make them stronger. Each Covenant has its own story campaign that must be experienced to learn what is going on in the Shadowlands and how each Covenant is affected by the actions of the Jailer.