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World of Tanks Ranked Battles

Buy World of Tanks Ranked Battles – cheap & fast

World of Tanks Ranked Battles

Buy World of Tanks Ranked Battles  – Want to get the Ranked Battles rewards, but don’t have the time or are you just not strong enough in gameplay? Gamelooting will help you and offer you all levels of Ranked Battles. Whether it’s bronze, silver or gold, you can relax and let us do the work for you.

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Ranked Battles in WoT

The ranked battles are next to the Clan Wars Event probably the most challenging and difficult that World of Tanks has to offer, but also with the best prices and newest tanks as a reward. The Ranked Battles Season usually consists of 3 stages and really requires a lot of experience, the right tanks and a lot of time to actually get into the needed ranks. As is almost always the case in such league systems, you are steadily promoted or relegated, depending on your performance and whether your team has won or lost. Also, the mode is only 10vs10 and not 15vs15 like in the standard battle. The way the maps are played in this mode is also completely different to normal battles and will force you to rethink and bring all your WoT skills.

The rewards of Ranked Battles

When we talk about rewards in WoT, tanks like the Concept 1B, the Kampfpanzer 50t and many more come to mind. All these extremely powerful tanks have been the main rewards of Ranked Battles, and very few players have been able to garage one of the tanks. Besides, Ranked Battles are also the only way to get a Tier 9 Premium tank. Since Tier 9 is often considered the best and most balanced area by WoT players, it’s even better if you have such a powerful Tier 9 reward tank in your garage. With Gamelooting you have the best partner to get all the rewards in a completely hassle-free and cheap way.