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World of Tanks Missions

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World of Tanks Missions

Buy World of Tanks Missions – You still need missions for the reward tanks of the personal missions? From the StuG-IV as the first reward tank to the Object 279(e) as the last tank of the second front, Gamelooting offers you all missions at a reasonable price with a 100% success guarantee.

Gamelooting is exactly the right partner when it comes to personal missions. Particular attention is paid to speed and service quality. We don’t make empty promises, but try to constantly improve the process and make it even faster. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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The first front

In the first front of Personal Missions, WoT offers three different reward tanks for completing it different missions in the respective tanks of a type. Starting with light tanks, through medium, heavy and tank destroyers to artillery, each series has special missions that must be completed within a battle. Each series consists of 15 missions that can be completed both normally and with side conditions. If you complete the 15th and final mission with a constraint, you’ll get an command. With 4 commands, you can even easily skip and complete an entire row. So you can save yourself a tank type and don’t have to play it if you simply don’t like it, for example.

The second front

As a special challenge, Wot offers the second front with a completely different principle than the first front. Here there are only 4 rows that need to be done and these are no longer categorized into tank types but refer to deserving nations and their allies. Likewise, the missions of the second front no longer have to be completed in a single battle, but require several battles to meet all the conditions. What is almost identical to the first front, however, are the commands that you get as a reward for completing the final mission with the side condition . In order to skip an entire row in the second front, you only need 3 commands, so the principle is identical to that of the first front. So if you only own a few tanks from a certain alliance, you can simply complete this row once you’ve completed the other three rows.

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