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World of Tanks Gunmarks & Badges

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World of Tanks Gunmarks and Badges

Buy World of Tanks Gunmakrs & Master Badges – You want to show what a good tank driver you are? Gunmarks or marks of excellence and badges like the master badge are the best way to show your opponent directly how dangerous you are on the battlefield. The sellers are the right partner when it comes to Gunmarks & Master Badges. Particular attention is paid to speed and service quality. They don’t make empty promises, but try to constantly improve the process and make it even faster. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Marks of excellence/Gunmarks in WoT

World of Tanks offers a number of special awards and visual rewards for particularly good players. The most popular are the gunmarks on the ace tank badge. They show your opponent or your teammates how well you control your tank and whether they can count on your performance. The third mark of excellence is particularly special. You only get these three gunmarks if you belong to the top 5% of players on this tank in the last 2 weeks. The third Gunmarks on your gun, quickly make it clear to any opponent that you shouldn’t be messed with.

Badges and medals

More often than not, getting the master badge on a tank is seen as an impressive achievement. Especially for the master badge you have to perform better than 99% of all players on the driven tank in the last 2 weeks in your battle. This award is difficult to obtain and often requires a bit of luck in battle. However, if you can stick that first big M on your tank, you know it was worth it! Of course, Gamelooting offers you almost all badges and medals to complete your collection.

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