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Dragonflight – Vault of the Incarnates – Heroic

Buy World of Warcraft Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Heroic – cheap & fast

The first raid in Dragonflight takes us to a titan prison and there we have to stop Raszageth. With these sellruns you will be reliably and safely boosted through the Vault of the Incarnates Heroic.

What you get

The booked bosses at Vault of the Incarnates on heroic mode with group loot settings.
Heroic: Vault of the Incarnates if 8/8 is booked.
Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm-Eater
Chance of getting items with item level 402-411.
Chance of getting Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Storm-Eater.
You will also receive 1, 2 or 3 items to choose from the Vault in Oribo’s on Wednesdays (depending on the amount of bosses killed).

The sellers have no control over whether someone rolls Need on an item. They can only appeal to the common sense of the customers to also pass on an item if you have already received 1-2. The sellers are only responsible for the boss kills and not for the loot.

What requirements do I need for this boost?

A character with level 70.
No boss experience is required.

When do I get a group invite?

About 5-10 minutes before the start the sellers invite the customers.
If you only want the final boss please allow 1 hour waiting time.

How long will the boost take?

Ca 2 hours for 8/8 Bosses.

How does the boost work after ordering?

After your paid order, the place will be reserved for you.
Shortly before your booked appointment, you will receive a friend request on
You will be invited to the group and your boost will begin.
Please follow the group’s instructions.
As soon as the boss fight starts, you damage him briefly and then you can die.
The boost leader distributes the loot that is not needed.
Once you have received all booked bosses, you can leave the party.

Is the boost safe?

Yes it is safe and you don’t need to be afraid of punishments.

Is accountplay secure?

Nobody in this branch can guarantee 100% security, so there is always a residual risk. However, the seller working with the best technical options, be it a closed VPN network, as well as many other technical options to get the boost as safe as possible and to reduce the risk of an account penalty to a minimum.

What happens to my data after the boost? (With accountplay)

As a german company, we comply with all applicable laws regarding data protection and data storage. We never share data with third parties. We generally recommend changing the password of your account before and after the order. This minimizes the remaining risk to almost zero.

Do the seller play with mods or something else? (With accountplay)

Every seller play all boosts without additional software or similar changes that could lead to a penalty.

Are bots or other automated software used? (With accountplay)

Every order will be done manually by the seller and no bots or similar programs will be used.

What happens if someone writes my account? (With accountplay)

Every seller ignores all messages, whether from friends or other players. They will never communicate in the game (not even with you via a possibly existing second account).

Can I communicate with the seller that is playing my account? (With accountplay)

Yes, you have direct contact with the seller who is processing your order. However, we ask you to reduce the communication to the necessary minimum so that the order can be completed as quickly as possible.

I have an authenticator. Do i have to remove it? (With accountplay)

No you can keep it active. You only have to unlocke the seller.

Things you should never do in the game!

Never write about any Orders/Gamelooting or real money in the game.

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