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Wow Gold, sell PoE Currency at the best price

Due to the steadily increasing order quantities, we are constantly looking for reliable suppliers who sell WoW Gold for Retail and Classic as well as Path of Exile Currency and New World Coins. We attach particular importance to reliable partners because we work extremely customer-oriented and also expect this from our partners. The process of trading with gamelooting is simple, fast and reliable.

The purchase price is roughly 50-60% of the sales price. The prices are updated several times a day and are subject to the global market economy over which we have no influence.

How does it work?

The delivery process is very similar in all games and is easy to understand. Fast and easy processing is extremely important to us in order to be able to process orders smoothly and quickly. As a Gamelooting supplier, you have many advantages and you have no risk of being scammed.


Register in our delivery system, verify yourself and enter your current stock. Make sure that this is always up to date.


If we have a suitable order for you, we will contact you and send you the order so that you can process the order.


When the order has been completed, you will receive the money for it as a credit in the delivery system and you can pay it out after 7 days.


You can request a withdrawal at any time. We currently pay out via bank, credit card and PayPal.
Every delivery will be paid. You have no risk as a supplier and don’t have to worry about anything other than delivery. Gamelooting takes care of everything else.


  • Verification by ID, passport or business registration
  • Keep your stock up to date
  • Deliveries must be documented with screenshots/videos for evidence
  • Your gold must not have been created by stealing, hacking or scamming
  • Be available if your status has been set online by you
  • Deliveries have to be made in a few minutes
  • No price negotiations. The prices are fixed and the same for everyone


The purchase prices are based on many different things and are adjusted by us on a daily basis. Basically, we currently pay around 50% of the sales price (see shop) to the suppliers.

Your inventory is automatically deactivated when the price is reduced and you have to reactivate it manually and thus approve it.

The prices are subject to the global market economy and/or the current price for WoW tokens.


We currently offer three different payment methods for payouts.

  • Bank transfer (no fees, only SEPA countries)
  • Credit card, debit card (1.50 euro fee. Available for almost all countries)
  • Paypal (0 – 3.99 Euro fees)
Every earned money from a delivery can be paid out after 7 days at any time.

How do I become a supplier?

You have to register in our delivery system (NOT in the shop). There you verify yourself and enter your current stocks.
The orders are automatically distributed to you by us, provided you have the right gold and you are online in the system. We distribute the orders between all available suppliers in rotation and thus offer everyone the chance to sell their gold quickly.