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Buy New World Coins – Everyone knows the problem. You see something at the auction house and unfortunately don’t have the necessary coins to buy the armor or the crafting materials. Coins grinding is more torture than fun for many, so Gamelooting offers you exactly the right alternative to quickly get the New World Coins you need. Whether for armor, weapons, materials or even the weekly expenses such as taxes for your house. Gamelooting is exactly the right partner when it comes to coins. Particular attention is paid to speed and immediate availability. We don’t make empty promises, but try to constantly improve the process and make it even faster. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Coins in New World

No matter whether you need crafting materials from the trading post or want to buy a house. Everything costs coins and so they are an important part of the game. Each city also charges taxes for crafting weapons, armor, furniture, and many other things. Your house also costs taxes, but how high these are depends on what percentage the ruling company demands there. Therefore, it is always important to have a certain supply to avoid being unable to pay your taxes.

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