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Path of Exile

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Path of Exile - The Australian Fantasy Action RPG

On October 23, 2013, the Australian company Grinding Gear Games released their game Path of Exile. Along with Diablo 2 and 3, it is now probably the most successful Action RPG or Hack and Slay Game in its branch. Players find themselves in the world of Oriath where they are considered exiles. In the course of the game you go through 10 acts and meet the Ebony Legion who want to bring an old lost empire called Wraeclast back to life. A long arduous journey awaits you, fighting all sorts of opponents. From humans to the mighty Great Demon, everything is included. The almost endless number of opponents that come towards you rightly give the game the genre title of a hack and slash.

What players want to achieve in Path of Exile

The first goal is to complete all 10 acts, which get progressively harder. Changing monsters, animals and other opponents make each act typical of the environment. From the high mountains to deep underground to a living organism that serves as a base of operations for demons. In the end, the atlas is available as endgame content and many other options as the game grows from season to season and thus always provides new content. But what is the atlas? A module where you have to fight your way through many maps to face the final boss at the end. On this way there you fight thousands of opponents and it gets harder from map to map.

Path of Exile Season

There are always new seasons in Path of Exile at certain intervals. This means that you start from 0 and have to work your way back up, but with new skill gems and items that give you new ways to play your character, as well as new endgame content themed to match the name of the season. But there is still the non-season area. There is the base game where old season content is carried over. At the end of a season, all your characters that you have played, including their equipment and currencies, will be transferred to the non-Season.

Currency in Path of Exile

There is no classic currency like gold or coins. So-called currency items are traded. The best known are Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs. They serve as barter goods to buy weapons and/or armor. Other currencies such as Orb of Fusing or Alchemy Orbs can also be obtained by exchanging Exalted and Chaos Orbs. Each has its own effect and they are required in high amounts. Gamelooting offers you many currencies at an always current low price and we deliver within a few minutes. Therefore we are exactly the right shop and partner for you if you need currency or even items.

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