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Overwatch - The unique shooter from Blizzard

For all MOBA friends the newest game from Blizzard forge was released on May 24, 2016. Overwatch offers a fast action-packed 6vs6 fight with clear role allocation within the teams. Meanwhile, Overwatch has become a bestseller and the number of players has risen to over 25 million players. The great success of Overwatch can be explained by a simple gameplay and of course by the resulting e-sports.

Overwatch E-Sport

Blizzard had from the beginning the goal of creating an e-sports suitable title from Overwatch and successfully implemented this. In addition to games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, the successful manufacturer now offers another e-sports title that has found great popularity on a professional level. Numerous teams have emerged and are constantly fighting for the biggest prize money and of course the reputation in the community. Well done Blizzard!

Every beginning is difficult

Initially, Overwatch was rated very negative by many critics. These critical voices caused numerous adjustments and changes. With a current meta value of 90-95 percent, the game has now secured some awards such as "Game of the Year". The community criticized in recent years again and again the ignorance of the manufacturer when it comes to wishes & criticism, but Blizzard in the case of Overwatch listened very carefully and many of the proposed changes actually implemented. This open ear also contributed significantly to the success story of Overwatch in recent years.

The goals of the players in Overwatch

Classic rewards such as experience, better rankings in the Elo or even Lootboxes complete the experience of the Overwatch player. Overwatch also offers special events and matching special rewards. As a nice feature, Blizzard has also provided sprays for the Walls, Sayings and Emotes to set his own "brand" and make a name for himself in the matches and the community.

The famous Elo Hell

Not only in games such as Counter Strike or League of Legends, there is the notorious Elo Hell. Also in Overwatch it takes a lot of time and work to get hold of the status of platinum player or even the rank of grandmaster. If it is to be something more than your own rank and you do not have the time to move up from the Elo basement, Game Looting offers a simple, fast and secure way to buy or boost your desired rank.