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New World - The MMO from Amazon Games

It took a long time, but on September 28, 2021 the gates to Amazon Games' first game called New World opened. It is an MMORPG and takes place in the world of Aeternum. There are 3 different factions the Marauders, the Syndicate and the Alliance. It is a huge peninsula with a lot to explore. The focus is also on the cities, as these grow over time and trade is carried out there. However, Aeternum is not a safe place outside the city walls. The local wildlife and other monsters are up to mischief, plus there is a great threat of corruption. A power that is completely unexplored and brutally strikes back when approached. It corrupts and mutates people, animals and even the local fauna. In addition to the corruption, the hostility of the 3 factions also plays a role. Each company made up of players from one faction wants to own a city in order to collect taxes, so they can build their defenses to defend themselves against attackers from the other factions or even the Corruption.