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Diablo 3 Nephalem Rifts

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Nephalem Rifts and Greater Nephalem Rifts

What is the difference between these portals? After reaching level 70 you can enter the Nephalem Rift. This is a randomly generated map packed with a lot of monsters and elite opponents. You have to kill them to summon the final boss of this rift. He drops Greater Rift Keystone that are needed for the Great Nephalem Rift.

The Great Nephalem Rift (Grifts) is special one because the enemies don’t have any loot there, only the final boss. But you have to hurry because a time is running out to beat by killing elite opponents. These drop orbs that fill the bar to summon the final boss. If this appears, you only have to defeat him and then there will be loot. In addition to blood splinters, gold and items, you also get gems that you can level up. These have special abilities that are unlocked at a certain level. The best players in the world compete in these Greater Nepahlem Rifts and always try to be higher and faster than the other.

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