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WoW Burning Crusade Classic is nostalgia and passion

WoW has been a steady companion in online gaming since 2004. Millions of players do not like the current WoW for a long time and the desire for the old World of Warcraft Burning Crusade has become noticeably bigger. After Blizzard shut down one of Nostalrius's largest private servers, the community had its say and hundreds of thousands of forum posts, Reddit News and Co were loud enough to open their eyes to Blizzard and take matters into their own hands. WoW Burning Crusade was announced by Blizzard and realized in a surprisingly short time. From 27.08.2019 we now have the opportunity to experience WoW Burning Crusade again and to have this without fear that the server will be closed as it was often the case with private operators. Join the adventure of World of Warcraft in the Burning Crusade version and experience almost the same as it was then.

The difference between WoW Burning Crusade and the current WoW

The differences between WoW Burning Crusade and the current Addon could not hardly be bigger. Burning Crusade distinguished itself at that time particularly by the eternally long farms. Not only gold farming was exhausting and took a lot of time but also things like professions, weapon skill, reputation and much more. In the current WoW everything is designed for speed. Gear is given almost free of charge without any hassles, gold abounds on every corner, just as any PvE content like dungeons and raids are more difficult as far as the mechanics are concerned, but completely free with tools like the Dungeon Finder or Raidfinder be denied any necessary communication. The biggest criticism of the old Burning Crusade players is again and again the missing community and the loss of the basic idea of a MMORPG. Many will remember how long in WoW Burning Crusade the search for a suitable group for an instance was and how long it took in part until you got to the dungeon. The dungeons themselves lasted 8 hours, like the Blackrock Depths, as long as you actually played them through.

Burning Crusade WoW is old, different, but extremely popular

Especially the new World of Warcraft players, who have never played Burning Crusade before, will be surprised how the game worked at the time, how long it took for individual quests, or how hard it was to make the desired progress. A particularly big difference to today's WoW is also the leveling of the character. A very good player needed a good 7 days in WoW Burning Crusade to reach level 70 and did not see much of the world. Now you can level up a character at level 60 in less than 48 hours if you put it on it. Leveling was a strong and important part of the Burning Crusade WoW and for many it was exactly the content that made them the most fun. In general, Burning Crusade is much slower than today's WoW. Not only the leveling needs much more time but also professions that actually had a great benefit and were well suited to earn gold by enchanting, crafting or just farming.