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Sky Golem

Sky Golem

Farm herb easy with this Mount

The Sky Golem, which can be crafted by Jewelcrafter since World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, is still a very popular flying mount today, mainly because you can gather herbs without dismounting and otherwise it has a very unique look.

You want your own Sky Golem? No problem, order today and we'll send you the mount as soon as possible.

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16,00 €
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Old price: 20,00 €

Process & settlement

Choose your faction and fill in your character name and the server to which the mount should be sent. Please note the note below in the description
Add your selected order to the cart, follow the order process and pay for it.
We will take care of you as soon as possible to send you the mount via Ingame Post. Please make sure if you get an email from us.
Once the order status changes to shipped, it will take 1 hour for the mount to arrive in your in-game mailbox.

What you get

  • We will send you the item/mount Sky Golem via in-game post to the character you specified

What are the requirements for this Mount?

  • To learn the mount you have to be at least level 10

E-mail received

On certain servers it may happen that we no longer have a Sky Golem. But this is not a problem, because we have found a safe variant of how you can still get the tab, regardless of which server you play on. If this happens, you will receive an email from us that you should please contact us in the live chat (available daily from 9 a.m. to midnight).

How does the method work?

We will give you a server and the faction on which you should create a class trial character. Once there, you use your resting stone and come to the capital of the faction. Now you wait until our supplier invites you to the group and the trading window opens. After you have received the Sky Golem from him, you use them and the mount will be unlocked on your entire account. Now you can log out, delete the character or leave it there and log back in to your main server. There you have now also unlocked the mount.
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