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Sinrunner Blanchy

Sinrunner Blanchy

Bloodspectralhorse Blanchy

In life, Blanchy appeared to be an affectionate, well-behaved horse of excellent disposition and appetite. What evils must she have committed in secret to have earned her place among the condemned souls of Revendreth?

Our boosters will take care of this mount for you. Book today and we'll start as soon as possible.
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49,99 €
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Process & settlement

Choose your faction and fill in the character information. Then fill in your battletag and also Whatsapp or Discord so that we can regulate the activation of your account and the coordination of the game times.
Add your selected boost to the cart, follow the order process and pay your boost.
You will be contacted by our booster as soon as possible after your order via Whatsapp. Give him your account data and unlock him for your account. Either this is done via an activation code by an email from Blizzard or via an authenticator if available.
The booster then takes care of your order and is in contact with you about the play seasons, the progress and completion of your order.
The booster will let you know immediately when the boost is done.

What do you get

We look for the rare horse and then take care of the quest line.
By completing the quest series you will receive the item Graumähnes Zügel as a reward. This item allows you to summon the mount Sündenmähre Graumähne.

What requirements do I need for this boost?

  • A character of your choice at level 60
  • Revendreth must be unlocked
  • When does my boost start?

    Our booster will contact you on the same day or the next day at the latest to hand over your account and will make an appointment with you about when the boost will take place.

    How long does it take?

    Ca 6-7 Days

    Is account play secure?

    Nobody in this branch can guarantee 100% security, so there is always a residual risk. However, we work with the best technical options, be it our own closed VPN network, as well as many other technical options to get the boost as safe as possible and to reduce the risk of an account penalty to a minimum. Since 2015 we have been able to do this with almost no penalties for tens of thousands of orders

    What happens to my data after the boost? (With account play)

    As a German company, we comply with all applicable laws regarding data protection and data storage. We never share data with third parties, just like our boosters don't. We generally recommend changing the password of your account before and after the order. This minimizes the remaining risk to almost zero.

    Do you play with mods or the like? (With account play)

    No. We play all boosts without additional software or similar changes that could lead to a penalty.

    Are bots or other automated software used? (With account play)

    Under no circumstance. All of our orders are done manually by our boosters and no bots or similar programs are ever used in gamelooting.

    What happens if someone writes my account? (With account play)

    All of our players ignore all messages, whether from friends or other players. We never communicate in the game (not even with you via a possibly existing second account).

    Can I communicate with the booster that is playing my account? (With account play)

    Yes, as already mentioned, you have direct contact with our booster who is processing your order. However, we ask you to reduce the communication to the necessary minimum so that the order can be completed as quickly as possible.

    I have an authenticator. Do I have to remove it? (With account play)

    No you can keep it active. You only have to activate our booster briefly when you transfer your account.

    Things you should never do in the game

    Never write about any orders/gamelooting or real money in the game.
    Endlich ist der Gaul mein. Und wieder alles TOP. Schnelle Lieferung (naja Dauert 6 Tage bis man alles hat ^^) Freundliche Kommunikation und immer auf dem laufenten. Man wird informiert wie weit und wann alles gemacht wird. Einfach super. Danke
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    Klaus Richter
    Schade das das Pferdchen nicht fliegen kann
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    Eine dauerhafte Sache, die man wegen fehlender Zeit. Vielleicht nicht schaffen und machen würde.Aber dank euch, ist dieses tolle Mount meines.
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    Super schnelle und Freundliche Abwicklung, gerne wieder . TOP
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    Udo Maire
    G E N I A L !!!!!
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