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Magetower - Druid

Magetower - Druid

Legion Timewalk Event Magetower

In WoW Legion, many players enjoyed the Mage Tower Challenge. This was a very difficult challenge and many people failed because of it. Now, with the timewalk event, the Magetower comes back for 2 weeks and you have the chance to get the Transmogset Stormheart Raiment and as tank additionally Fel Werebear.

Book your Boost today and we will get the right equipment for you and take care of this challenge for you.
Please note the requirements given below so that you also meet them!

Your Price
24,99 €
Incl. 19% Tax

Process & settlement

Enter your Character Name, Specc and Server. We need your battletag as well as Whatsapp and/or Discord to be able to contact you for your account infos.
Put your chosen coaching into the shopping cart, follow the order process and pay for your coaching.
You will be contacted by our responsible coach as soon as possible (24-48h), so that all details can be discussed.
The coaching takes place on the agreed date and you get all the information you need to be more successful with your class.

What you get

We prepare your character and do the magetower challenge for you
The Achievement Ein turmhoher Erfolg
You will get the Transmogset Stormheart Raiment and as tank additionally Fel Werebear

What requirements do I need for the boost?

You only need a Druid at level 60 and around 60.000 to 80.000 gold for Gems/Potions/Food/Enchantments etc.

When does my boost start?

Our booster will contact you on the same day or the next day and start ordering.

How long is my boost?

Ca 30 mins

Is Accountplay safe?

Nobody in this branch can guarantee 100% security, so there is always a residual risk. However, we work with the best technical options, be it our own closed VPN network, as well as many other technical options to get the boost as safe as possible and to reduce the risk of an account penalty to a minimum. Since 2015 we have been able to do this with almost no penalties for tens of thousands of orders.

What happens to my data after the boost?

As a German company, we comply with all applicable laws regarding data protection and data storage. We never share data with third parties, just like our boosters don't. We generally recommend changing the password of your Steam account before and after the order. This minimizes the remaining risk to almost Zero.

Do you play with mods or something like that?

No. We play all boosts without additional software or similar changes that could lead to a Penalty.

Are bots or other automated software used?

Under no circumstance. All of our orders are done manually by our boosters and no bots or similar programs are ever used in gamelooting.

What happens if someone writes my account?

All of our players ignore all messages, whether from friends or other players. We never communicate in the game (not even with you via a possibly existing second account).

Can I communicate with the booster that is playing my account?

Yes, as already mentioned, you have direct contact with our booster who is processing your order. However, we ask you to reduce the communication to the necessary minimum so that the order can be completed as quickly as possible.

I have an authenticator. Do I have to remove it?

No you can keep it active. You only have to activate our booster briefly when you transfer your account.

Things you should never do in the game

Never write about any orders/gamelooting or real money in the game.
C. Winter
Ging schnell und der Kontakt war freundlich und professionell.
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Nikolas Wendt
Super schneller Service
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Perfekt! Immer wieder !
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micahel Beckmann
Sehr schnelle Lieferung und sehr freundliche Personal ;)
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Ich bin kein Fan davon Account Daten weiter zugeben, jedoch bin ich mehr als begeistert das es geklappt und schnell funktioniert hat.Sehr schön fand ich, dass Rücksicht darauf genommen wurde zu welchem Zeitpunkt man den Account weitergeben möchte (Terminvergabe). Des weiteren war ich begeistert, dass die Bearbeitung sehr schnell ging. Ich hab gegen 20 Uhr den Boost gekauft und konnte um 21 Uhr mit meiner Neuen Dudu Gestalt spielen ?? Der Spieler hat es in ca. 20 min geschafft die Challenge erfolgreich zu schaffen und hat ca. 10k Gold verbraucht ??Ich kann es nur empfehlen und Ehre! Küsschen aufs Nüsschen und weiter so ??
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Schnell und sehr nettes Service, Sicher
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Brigid Bertram
Super thx.
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Marcus Scheider
Zuverlässig und schnell
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Perfekt und schnell
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Oliver Z
Anfrage wurde sehr schnell und zu voller Zufriedenheit erledigt
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Alles top. Jederzeit wieder!
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Robert Krohne
Hat das mehr als gelohnt, bin sehr zufrieden und hab mich lange darauf gefreut.
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Tank-Herrausforderung erledigt. Danke für den Fel-Bär
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