Mythic Plus 10 Weekly Chest

Mythic Plus 10 Weekly Chest

The weekly loot chest from Mythic+ 10 Dungeon

Finishing a Mythic+ Level 10 Dungeon became something like a weekly chore in World of Warcraft. The weekly chest which is available every Wednesday in the Class Hall will contain a Mythic+ Level 9 Dungeon Keystone, an item with itemlevel 440+ and Artifact Power.

Pick your class, your loot options and faction and book your run early to ensure your weekly reward chest.

Procedure and execution


Choose your faction, Class and Loot-Option.


Add your selected boost to the cart, follow the order process and pay your boost


The booster will add you on the same day to make an appointment with you.


Please be on time for the appointment and follow the instructions of the booster.

What you get & what you need

What you get

  • You'll receive a boost for a Mythic +10 Keystone within the timelimit
  • Chance to get items with 430+ Itemlevel
  • Also, on Wednesdays, you will receive an Item with 440+ Itemlevel from your weekly chest

We use our own key or your key if available.


  • Level 120
  • No experience necessary
  • DPS Specialization (Set the in-game loot specialization to your desired spec)

Loot Options

  • Double Loot: A player in your armor class will come with you extra and share his loot if he gets loot that is tradable.
  • Triple Loot: Two players in your armor class will come with you extra and share their loot if they get loot that is tradable.


  • Important: Please NEVER write in the game with a Booster about real money or Gamelooting. This is for your protection and the booster. If you violate this rule, you will be removed from the groupe and the Service will be canceled without refund.
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Mythic Plus 10 Weekly Chest


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