Mythic Plus

Mythic Plus

Mythic+ in Season 4

Finishing a Mythic+ Dungeon is not easy and only a few player can do it. The weekly chest which is available every Wednesday contain a Mythic+ Keystone, an item, Titanresiduum and Artifact Power. How high the new stone, the item level of the item and the amount of Titan Residuum is heavily dependent on the highest level played in the previous week.

Pick your faction and book your run early to ensure your weekly reward chest.

Your Price
Price variable
Incl. 16% Tax

Process & settlement

Choose the faction, the desired date (min 1 hour before run start) and the key level to be completed. Determine whether you want to play yourself (Selfplay) or whether we should play your account (Accountplay). Furthermore, choose whether you only want your own loot or whether several players of your armor class should be there to share their loot with you and fill out your battle day.
With Accountplay, it is important that you also specify Whatsapp, Discord or Skype, because the booster regulates the unlock of your account with you.
Add your selected boost to the cart, follow the order process and pay your boost
With Selfplay: Please be online in time for the appointment (10 minutes before the start). The booster will add you to about 10 minutes before your appointment. Accept this friend request and make sure that your status is "online".
With Accountplay: You will be contacted by our booster as soon as possible after your order, either via Whatsapp, Discord or Skype. Give him your account data and unlock him for your account. Either this is done via an activation code by an email from Blizzard or via an authenticator if available.
With Selfplay: Please follow the group's instructions so that a smooth process can be guaranteed and do not go AFK for no reason.
With Accountplay: The booster will then take care of your order.
With Selfplay:Loot will be shared (if booked) and you leave the group.
With Accountplay: The booster will let you know immediately when the boost is done.

What you get

You get a boost from the chosen Mythisch Plus keystone
Chance to get items (Itemlevel based on the height of the keystone)
Also, on Wednesdays, you will receive an Item and Titan Residuum from your weekly chest based on the highest level of keystone played.

How does double or triple loot work?

Double Loot: A player in your armor class will come with you extra and share his loot if he gets loot that is tradable.
Triple Loot: Two players in your armor class will come with you and share their loot with you if they receive loot which is tradable

What requirements do I need for this boost?

A character at level 120
No experience necessary
DPS Specialization (Set the in-game loot specialization to your desired spec)
We will use our keystone
Important: Please NEVER write in the game with a Booster about real money or Gamelooting. This is for your protection and the booster. If you violate this rule, you will be removed from the groupe and the Service will be canceled without refund.

Which item level is there at what level in the dungeon and in the weekly chest?

  • Keylevel 10: Dungeon 455 - Weekly Chest 465
  • Keylevel 11: Dungeon 460 - Weekly Chest 465
  • Keylevel 12: Dungeon 460 - Weekly Chest 470
  • Keylevel 13: Dungeon 460 - Weekly Chest 470
  • Keylevel 14: Dungeon 465 - Weekly Chest 470
  • Keylevel 15: Dungeon 465 - Weekly Chest 475

Is the boost generally safe?

A boost is safe and you don't have to expect any punishment from Blizzard.

Is Account Play Safe?

In the first place it is safe but there is always a certain residual risk. We use our own VPN network to minimize the risk. There has never been a case of punishment in our company's history.

What happens to my data after the boost?

We delete all account data from our system. Nevertheless, we recommend changing the password before and after the order.

I have an authenticator. Do I have to remove it?

No you can keep it active. You only have to activate our booster when he first log in to your account
Sven Traumüller
nette leute und schneller run :)
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Schnelle Bearbeitung und sehr nette ?Begleiter?
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Alles wunderbar
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Samuel Bregy
War sehr zufrieden und wurde alles erfüllt.
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Mario Gehrke
sehr gute und nette Leute , immer wieder gerne
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Mario Gehrke
schnelle Hilfe und gute Leute. immer wieder gerne
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Wie immer alles bestens.
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Florian Ziegler
Top Team, Hat alles super geklappt. Gerne wieder
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Schneller Superservice
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