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Hunter - Class Coaching

Hunter - Class Coaching

Be a better Hunter

The classes and specializations in World of Warcraft can be really complex and there are lots of different ways to play them. You can't keep up with damage compared and you have no idea why?

No problem our professional players from Gamelooting, who are very skilled with Hunter will help you with finding your weaknesses, analyze your logs and will help you optimize your interface and addons.

Your Price
Price variable
Incl. 19% Tax

Process & settlement

Choose hours, your Main specialization and enter your Armory Link. Furthermore, we need your Battletag, Whatsapp or Discord to be able to contact you.
Put your chosen coaching into the shopping cart, follow the order process and pay for your coaching.
Our coach will contact you within 48 hours and make an appointment with you.
The coaching takes place on the agreed date and you get all the information you need to be more successful with your class.

Overview of the PVE Coaching

The appropriate pro gamer will contact you after your purchase and will find a fitting date with you. By giving us your armory link we can get a first look of your knowledge and understanding of your class beforehand and prepare the coaching to cover your weaknesses directly.

Not only class mechanics are included in the coaching, we're also pointing out helpful Addons and interface adjustments and explain them thoroughly. This won't only raise your performance but also your overview of different situations. Especially in stressful encounters a structured and well placed interface will help you focusing on boss relevant mechanics.

Furthermore we'll provide you with many different tools where your character was analyzed and where all important points which were discussed are summarized for future reference. We also provide you with knowledge on how to use the tool Simulationcraft and point out sites where u can look up recent information for upcoming and recent game changes which will help you in your future wow career.

What you get

  • You'll receive addons and an interface tailored to your individual needs
  • Analysis of your current performance including comparison to other players within your class
  • Adjustments to your current gear, sockets, enchants and talent choices with explanations

What requirements do I need for coaching?

  • You'll need Teamspeak3 or Discord as well as a functional Microphone/Headset

When does my coaching start?

Our coach will contact you within 48 hours and make an appointment with you.
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