Hatespark the Tiny

Hatespark the Tiny

World of Warcraft - Pet

This pet was dropped by Ragnaros for World of Warcrafts 10th birthday event in the Molten Core. Sadly it's no longer obtainable from the raid dungeon remake since it was a one-time event. But we from Game Looting still got a few ?Hatespark the Tiny? for you, order today and we'll get you your pet as fast as possible.

Produkt-ID: 414 Produktname: Hatespark the Tiny Details: Kategorie: Marke: Preis: 47,99 € Reine Preisangabe: 47.99 URL: https://www.gamelooting.com/en/World-of-Warcraft/Hatespark-the-Tiny Photo: Sprache: de
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Hatespark the Tiny


You will get the Pet Hatespark the Tiny

The pet will generally be delivered with level 1.  Potentially it'll have a higher level (if not available otherwise).

Process and execution

Fill the blank spaces and buy your desired pet/mount
2.After your order
Game Looting will acquire your ordered pet/mount posthaste and will send it to you via the in-game mail. The C.O.D. Service will be 1 copper.
3.Receiving mail in-game
As soon as you've payed the C.O.D. amount of 1 copper you can withdraw your pet/mount from the in-game mailbox. We'll get the amount of 1 copper as a confirmation that you've received your pet/mount.


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