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Buy World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Gold - cheap & fast

How will the gold be delivered to me?

The seller delivers the gold to you in the way he offers and you choose.

  • Ingame Post: The seller will send you the gold directly by in-game mail. (After sending, it takes 1 hour to reach your character.)
  • Auction House: Before you place your order, you create an auction in the ordered quantity with an armor or weapon item of your choice with at least green quality. (Please make sure the Itemname is correct and that you pay the auction house fees.)
  • Face2Face: You meet the seller in-game in a town and he hands over the gold directly to you via the trade window. (Please give him an item (weapon/armor/pet) in exchange for it to count as a full trade.)
  • Guild Bank: The seller invites you to his guild and you can take the gold from the guild bank.

Is it safe to buy gold?

There is no such thing as 100% security. Because it is still not wanted or allowed by Blizzard to buy gold for money (with the exception of the WoW Token, which is offered by Blizzard itself). However, the purchase of gold is almost never prosecuted, or in most cases only the seller is punished, not the customer. Buying gold is therefore very safe, although not absolutely safe.

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