Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger

Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger

Classmount - Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger

Your Classmount for Paladin - Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger

With Legion each class gets their own unique mount, many players are looking forward to get and which is obtained by completing a more or less challenging quest line. To start the quest line you have to meet some requirements. You need the achievement ?Breaching the Tomb? as well as ?A Glorious Campaign? from completing your class campaign. As Paladin you get Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger, where Game Looting will help you gladly.

Procedure and execution


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What you get & what you need

Your personal classmount will give you more glamor under your own. A lot of work is needed to get this. We know everything and can to this for you.

What do you get?


  • You need a character at level 110
  • Class Hall Campagne completed
  • Achievement Breaching the Tomb
  • Completed Pathfinder of the Broken Isles Part 1 and 2

Depending on the order, this can take up to 4 weeks of processing time.

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Pathfinder Part 1+2
Breaching the Tomb
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Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger


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