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Scarshield Legion - EU

Scarshield Legion - EU

Buy World of Warcraft gold with fast delivery and fair prices

Buying World of Warcraft gold is a known issue. You see something on the auction house but you're missing the necessary coins to buy that one mount or this item. Farming is bothersome and no fun to most players, that's where Gamelooting gives customers the perfect alternative to get their gold fast. No matter if you buy Mounts, WoW Tokens, Items or your daily needs of crafting goods and consumables.Gamelooting is the best partner if in need of gold. We're looking especially for immediate availability and fast delivery. No false promises from our side ? we're always trying to improve our delivery process. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!
Name of item(s) in the auction house
Please create 1 Auction with price 106.000 Gold (106K) as instand buyout.

Please use for each Auction a Weapon or Armor Item with minimum Green Quality.

Currently not in stock. Delivery can be delayed considerably. We can\'t give a exact delivery time. Part-delivery will be done by disposability.

Your Price
7,95 €
Incl. 19% Tax
item not available

Process & settlement

Choose amount
Choose the amount of gold you want to have. Pay attention to the availability of the selected quantity. Enter your character name and continue with step 2 of the delivery method.
Placing Auctions

Auction house: Create the specified auctions with the instant buy price displayed and enter the item names. If you use different items, just separate them with a comma in the corresponding field. If you use the same item several times, just write the amount in front of the item name (example: 3x brown linen robe).
Important: Please do not use any crafted professional items from Battle for Azeroth, as some of them cannot be found in the auction house.

Buying Gold
Now you can order your gold and then sit back and relax. Gamelooting usually delivers your gold within 60 minutes (9:00 - 0:00 CET) and does everything else to complete the order. You do not need to ask for the status in live chat because the order is processed automatically by us.
Receiving Gold
Once we have bought your auctions, the auction house will send the gold to your ingame mailbox within 60 minutes.

Why buy from Gamelooting?

The gold ordered is actually delivered in just 60 minutes (within business hours Mon-Sun 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.). In exceptional cases, delivery can take up to 24 hours. Gamelooting thus offers the fastest delivery service without having to constantly check whether the gold is finally there. Favorable prices and the fastest processing are essential for us.

How is the gold delivered?

You can find the delivery methods offered in the selection of the article. No matter which delivery method you choose, we always bear the fees such as in the auction house and you will always receive the amount of gold you ordered.

Why can't I choose a faction?

Since Mists of Pandaria, the auction house has been connected across both factions. So it doesn't matter which faction you belong to because everyone can buy from everyone regardless of their faction.

Is it safe to buy gold?

Yes. We only offer delivery types that are safe for the customer. There has never been a case of penalties for buying gold on the part of the customer in our company's history. The provider punishes the seller in between, but never the buyer.

If the very rare case occurs that the delivered gold is deleted by Blizzard, we will replace it immediately after a brief examination of the evidence (we will request it accordingly).

So you have no risk if you buy gold from Gamelooting.

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