Classic Honor

Classic Honor

WoW Classic Honor

The honor system in World of Warcraft Classic holds many rewards ready for you. In addition to trinkets, tabards, mounts, there are also weapons and many other items that help you fight the opposing faction. However, you need a lot of honor and a certain rank to be allowed to wear it. YOU don't have time for the whole but want the rewards or just honor for another rank?

Game Game Looting likes to farm as much honor for you as you want. Order your boost today and he will start it as soon as possible! We do not use bot programs!

Procedure and execution


Choose the amount of honor and fill out the contact informations.


Place your selected amount of honor in the basket, follow the ordering process and pay your boost.


You will be contacted by our responsible booster as soon as possible to discuss all details and to get the login data.


Your booster will finish the boost as soon as possible and will inform you about current status daily.

What you get & what you need

What do get

  • The desired amount of honor
  • incidantelly reputation for the two battleground factions
  • Higher Rank (depending on ordered honor and current rank)
  • The honor will be calculated correctly by Blizzard the next day and provided with a daily screenshot in the order details to hold you up to date. It can happen that a little bit more honor is farmed than ordered, but never less.


  • Character with level 60
  • Only accountplay available
This Product is only for EU!

Cost overview

0,00 €

including 19% VAT. (Digital)


Delivery time: As soon as available

Classic Honor


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