Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror

Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror

Keystone Conqueror: Season four

For the first time Blizzard has introduced a season for Mythisch Plus in World of Warcraft. This means that there is an additional 4 affix starting at level 10. This is a different one every season. The achievement Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Four is only available seasonally and will appear as a curve in your account. Each Dungeon must be complete successfully at the 10+ timelimit. No easy task and only feasible with a well-rehearsed team.

You want to have this special curve? Our team from Gamelooting can help you with that. Book your boost today!

Your Price
200,00 €
Incl. 16% Tax

Process & settlement

Choose the faction, decide whether you want to play yourself (Selfplay) or we should play your account (Accountplay). Then fill out your Battletag and additionally Whatsapp or Discord, so that we can regulate the unlock of your account and the coordination of the play time.
Add your selected boost to the cart, follow the order process and pay your boost
With Selfplay: You will be contacted by our responsible booster on the same day or the next day at the latest. With this you make the appointments when the boost should take place.
With Accountplay: You will be contacted by our booster as soon as possible after your order, either via Whatsapp, Discord or Skype. You give this your account data and unlock it for your account. Either this is done via an activation code by an email from Blizzard or via an authenticator if available.
With Selfplay: Please follow the group's instructions so that a smooth process can be guaranteed and do not go AFK for no reason. With Accountplay: The booster will then take care of your order.
With Selfplay: Loot will be shared (if booked) and you can leave the groupe. With Accountplay: The booster will let you know immediately when the boost is done.

What you get

You'll receive a boost at all Mythic Dungeons on +10 within the timelimit in Season 4.
The curve Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Four
The title the Awakened
Also, on Wednesdays, you will receive an Item with 465 Itemlevel, Titan Residuum and Echoes of Ny'alotha from your weekly chest
You will get a lot of Items with Itemlevel 455 and Echoes of Ny'alotha

We use our own key or your key if available.

What requirements do I need for this boost?

A Charakter with level 120

How long does the boost take?

This boost is distributed over several IDs, depending on how the keystones are available.

What if i have no time at the next run?

Then please talk to the Teamleader and make a new appointment with him.

Things you should never do ingame

Important: Please NEVER write in the game with a Booster about real money or Gamelooting. This is for your protection and the booster. If you violate this rule, you will be removed from the groupe and the Service will be canceled without refund.

Is the boost safe?

Yes it is, There has never been a case of punishment in our company's history.

Is Account Play Safe?

It is safe but there is always a certain residual risk. We use our own VPN network to minimize the risk. There has never been a case of punishment in our company's history.

What happens to my data after the boost?

We delete all account data from our system. Nevertheless, we recommend changing the password before and after the order.

I have an authenticator. Do I have to remove it?

No you can keep it active. You only have to activate our booster when he first log in to your account.
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