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World of Tanks Clan Wars Campaign

The CW tanks are always popular and everyone wants the best of all tanks. Gamelooting offers you 2 variants to get one of the coveted CW tanks. Take the chance and book your place in the upcoming campaign today!


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Process & settlement

Choose options

Choose your desired options and find out all the important points about this article in the description below. Remember that World of Tanks Boosts are ONLY possible in the account play and we need access to your account. You send us the required login data in the order process in the displayed form.


Place your selected boost in the shopping cart, follow the ordering process, fill out your profile during the order process and pay for your boost.


We usually start your order automatically the next day and will not play within your own seasons but only outside of these. You will find an update daily with statistics, replays and all information in the order details in the customer account.


As soon as the order is completed, you will also see this in the customer account in the order details.

Please read the description and the requirements carefully before you order and be sure that you meet all requirements and conditions.

According to current information, the next campaign will start in mid-July Right after ranked battles.

Content "Full CW Campaign"

  • Accountplay (We will play your account)
  • You get one of the CW tanks (all known and one new tank also available in the next campaign)
  • Any prizes that are still earned on the side
  • Gold is shared among all customers in the clan at the end

Content "Minimum number of battles for auction"

  • Selfplay (You will play your account by yourself)
  • You have the opportunity to participate in the CW tank auction (note that you will need about 40k bonds)


Information about the event and the implementation of Gamelooting.

We have now suspended some campaigns and used the time to test different variants and to minimize the chance of disqualification accordingly. Both technical and organizational solutions were necessary for this. Based on the experience we have gained, we can now offer the campaign again and are of the opinion that we have reduced the risk as much as possible, provided that all conditions are adhered to. Unfortunately, we can never give a 100% guarantee, as this is not entirely in our hands, but we now see the risk as acceptable again.

Update: In the last Campaign (January) we didn't had any Disqualifikation.


What are the requirements?

The following requirements must be met so that the order can be completed successfully.

In the event of a disqualification (which can never be ruled out 100%), we will refund exactly 50% of the purchase price as a gamedollar credit in the shop. This point is non-negotiable, cannot be changed and also cannot be avoided in the event of a disqualification. With an order you accept this condition in full.


Conditions and Requirements for "Full CW Campaign"

  • Join one of our clans as soon as possible after the purchase (we invite you)
  • As soon as the campaign has been announced, you are no longer allowed to log into your account (neither homepage, nor launcher or WoT itself) until the prizes have been distributed after the campaign and we give you the "okay". This is the only way to make it reasonably safe.
  • Premium Account
  • Sufficient credits or enough gold to be able to convert if necessary
  • At least 3 different Tier X tanks
  • Minimum 1000 WN8 on your account

Conditions and requirements for "Minimum Battles for Auction"

  • Join one of our clans as soon as possible after the purchase (we invite you)
  • As soon as the campaign has been announced, only you are allowed to play on your account until the prizes are distributed after the campaign. We automatically pause all ongoing orders.
  • Online time on one of the possible days from 7-11pm to win the minimum number of battles. We will inform you in advance about the possible days so that you can choose one.
  • At least 3 different Tier X tanks



When does my boost start?

The order is automatically assigned to a suitable driver and is usually started the following day. If your seasons deviate extremely from the standard (e.g. in the evening), it may take 1-2 days longer for the order to start. You can find the status of your order in the customer account in the order details.

How long does the boost last?

The duration depends heavily on the amount of battles, seasons and other factors. Basically, we expect a flat rate of 30-40 Battles a day, but always complete the order as quickly as possible with the highest performance and quality.

Is it safe?

To date, there has not been a single case of punishment for account play with us. Sharing the account with Wargaming is also not prohibited, it is only not supported in case of doubt. In addition, we use our own modern and secure VPN network with different locations and IPs. This ensures secure processing and seamless tracking of the activities of our drivers to ensure the highest possible security for your account.

What happens to my data after the boost?

As a German company, we comply with all applicable laws regarding data protection and data storage. You can delete, change and adjust your profile at any time. The driver only has access to your login information if he is currently working on your order. We generally recommend changing the password of your World of Tanks account before and after the order. This minimizes the rest of the risk to almost zero.

Do you play with mods or modpacks?

no We play entirely without mods or modpacks to ensure the highest possible security. The only exception is our statistics / tracking tool, which is released by Wargaming.

Are bots or other automated software used?

No way. All of our jobs are done manually by our drivers and no bots or similar programs are used in gamelooting.


What happens if someone writes my account?

All of our players ignore all messages, whether from friends, the clan or other players. We never communicate in the game (also not with you via a possibly existing WoT account).

Can I communicate with the driver who plays my account?

no Direct contact with the driver is no longer possible since this has been overused by many customers and the drivers have been distracted too much from the actual work. If you have any questions, you can always sign up in live chat.


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