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WoT - Recruit a Friend

Buy World of Tanks Recruit a Friend - cheap & fast

What you get

  • A Tier 8 Premium tank (freely selectable from the recruitment program after completion)
  • Bonds, emblems, lettering, camouflage patterns, awards, badges, 2D style

What are the requirements?

The following requirements must be fulfilled so that the order can be successfully completed.

  • 1000 Random Battles done.
  • NO access to your account required.
  • Twice every 4 months possible.

Process after the order

  • The seller will be informed after your order
  • He sets an approximate processing time
  • Then the order changes to "In progress"
  • You will receive regular updates about the Progress.
  • As soon as you have received all booked services, the order is considered complete

When does my boost start?

The order is automatically assigned to a suitable driver and is usually started the following day. You can find the status of your order in the customer account in the order Details.

How long does my boost last?

The boost lasts at least 14 days because it cannot be completed earlier.

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Seller: Mytando
71,40 €
incl. statutory VAT
  • Delivery time: Start within 24 hours
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