Sell WoW Gold, FFXIV Gil, PoE Currency, BnS Gold for best prices

Due to constant rising in order sizes we're always looking for dependable suppliers who want to sell their WoW Gold, Final Fantasy 14 Gil, Path of Exile Currency and Blade & Soul Gold. We emphasize realiable partners because we're working very customer-oriented and we're looking for that in our partners aswell. The procedure of gold trading with Gamelooting is fast and easy.

The purchase price is roughly 50-60% of the selling price. The current gold price can be seen in our delivery system even before registering. The 50% difference covers our expenses like taxes, marketing, salaries and earnings.

1. Offer

Sign up in our supplier system and register the gold which you want to sell.

2. Sell

We're offering your gold in our shop and will notify you immediatley as soon as there is a order for you.

3. Delivery

We send you the order details and you buy the appropiate items of the customer from the auction house.

4. Payment

To get your money simply use our payout option and you'll receive your money shortly after via PayPal or bank account.

Current buying prices

World of Warcraft Gold
World of Warcraft Gold
Final Fantasy 14 Gil
Path of Exile Currency
Blade & Soul Gold

The supplier system

If you want to become a WoW Gold, FFXIV Gil, PoE Currency or BnS Gold supplier read our terms of use carefully and only sign up if you agree to them.