Promote a friend and receive a bonus

You are a satisfied customer of Gamelooting and would like to recommend us to your friends? Exactly there is now even a reward in the form of credit in the shop!
Especially the personal recommendations are the most valuable for us, because we love satisfied customers and do a lot to constantly improve our service, speed and support in order to be able to offer every customer the best possible service.

Of course, referrals are the best endorsement of our work, so we'd like to reward you for your referral and incentivize you to introduce us to your friends.

Get 10% credit (Gamedollar) from your friend's first order (no matter how high) and benefit from your referral.

1. Invitation

Invite your friend to Gameloot by completing the form and sending.

2. Waiting

Wait until your friend has registered and he has ordered the first time.

3. Order

Once your friend has ordered and the order is done, you have completed everything successfully.

4. Receive bonus

On the following day, you will receive 10% of your friend's order credited as Gamedollar.

Send recommendation to your friends