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Unnatural Instinct

Buy Path of Exile Unnatural Instinct Season Softcore - cheap & fast

Unnatural Instinct is a unique Viridian Jewel. Grants all bonuses of Unallocated Small Passive Skills in Radius. These bonuses are granted by the jewel and therefore the passives are not considered allocated, even though you get their bonuses.
All allocated small passives in range grant nothing.

  • If given an option between 2 paths to the jewel socket near the jewel (like near the scion starting point for example) pathing on the small passives that are not wanted is better, because unnatural instinct makes the small pathing passives grant nothing.

Placement - Unnatural instinct has a high variance of possible modifiers granted.

  • This mostly depends on which jewel socket it is placed in.
  • To a lesser extent modifiers are affected by which small passives are allocated within radius of the jewel.

The drop chance is very low and thus it is a very valuable item. Don't have the time or desire to farm this belt? The sellers offer you fast deliveries in Season Softcore and provide you with the desired Items.

What you get

  • The unique Viridian Jewel Unnatural Instinct in Season Softcore
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