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Orb of Alteration - Standard Softcore


Why buy from Gamelooting?

The currencies you're ordering will actually be delivered within 60 minutes time (during our business hours Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 00:00 CET). In rare cases delivery can be delayed up to 24 hours. This way Gamelooting guarantees the fastest delivery service, without having customers to worry about their items. Low prices and fast processing are our highest priority.

How will be the currency delivered?

We deliver exclusively face 2 face, since it provides the safest way for both buyer and seller. It`s important to be online in your specified online time so we can whisper you in the game and can trade with you. Please remember to use a yellow (rare) item for each trade. This is for your security so that a full trade has been completed. It can happen that several suppliers come to you one after the other.



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