Loyalty discount

Loyal customers should be rewarded! That's why Game Looting offers you a bonus system which saves you money by ordering. We're offering 4 levels of cashback at the moment. It's starting with a 2% cashback and goes all the way up to 10% cashback for all orders.

Needless to say the different cashback levels are easier/harder to reach. Here are we introducing the different levels of cashback and all the information you need, for examplpe the conditions and requiretems of each level.

NEU - Game Dollar

From now on you automatically collect Game Dollars with every order. Even if you do not have loyalty status, you will get 1% credited as game dollars. Once you have logged in, you will see in each article the amount of game dollars available to purchase this item. You can find your entire game dollar stock in your customer account and can redeem it directly on any order or simply collect the game dollars for something bigger.

Your game dollars do not expire and you can decide freely when you want to use them. In addition, there will be special days again and again in which you will get more game dollars per order (pay attention to our newsletter).


The Bronze discount is especially for occasional buyers and easy to reach within our bonus system and gives you a 2% cashback on all your orders.
2,5 % cashback if you're buying for at least 50 euro a month


The Silver discount is reached very easily aswell and gives even more cashback to save some money. This bonus is easily achieveable by most customers.
5 % cashback if you're buying for at least 100 euro a month


The Gold discount is reachable with a lot of smaller orders or a few larger ones and gives you an impressive cashback.
7,5 % cashback if you're buying for at least 200 euro a month


The premium class discount for our most loyal customers. Save up to 10% cashback on every order and enjoy the advantages of our Platinum cashback customers.
10 % cashback if you're buying for at least 400 euro a month

How does the discount workd and how do i get it?

WoW will evaluate your discount status on the first of every month. This status will be uphold for the entire month as is your discount. Your status will be calculated the following month on the basis of the amount purchased in the previous month.

For example:
In march your ordered for 153 euros from Game Looting, hence you're getting the Silver cashback level starting with the first of April for the entire month giving you a 5% cashback on every order in April.

Special discounts for everyone!

For the future we're planning special events for our loyal customers like free runs, special discounts on selected products and a lot more. You will find all information regarding our events in our shop, your customer account and also via e-Mail to make sure you won't miss any event and give you the opportunity to enjoy the full service of Game Looting.