Jobs at Gamelooting

You would like to earn good money with your skill? Whether as a booster or coach, gamelooting is constantly looking for additional boosters for many areas to cope with the growing order situation and to offer every customer a fast and high-quality service. Take your chance and see if there is something suitable in vacant positions for you and apply today via e-mail.

Application for an open position

The application is simply via mail to with all the information you consider relevant.
We will contact you within 1-2 days and discuss everything else. The entire process and everything that goes with it, we will discuss in a conversation via Teamspeak

World of Warcraft

EU - Guilds/Groups for Raids

Path of Exile


World of Tanks


Blade & Soul


Diablo 3

EU - Booster for Playstation
EU - Booster for XBox


EU - Legend Booster


EU - Booster for Playstation
EU - Booster for XBox

League of Legends

EU - Booster for Self & Accplay

Dota 2

EU - Booster (Min. Ancient)

Heroes of the Storm

EU - Booster (Min. Diamond)