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Buy Diablo 3 Boost Packet - With the "Ready to Go" packages from the sellers at Gamelooting you're provided with all the important unique items, sets and gems for your character to finish your desired Greater Nephalem Rift level. No endless farming and frustration over bad loot. Within a short time your character will get everything you want for your desired level.

Diablo 3 Seasons

At certain intervals there is a new season in Diablo 3. This means you start from 0 and have to work your way back up, but with special effects dictated by the season's theme. Be it that you can get special weapons or a buff is active on your character that makes you much stronger. All this is encapsulated by the so-called non-season. There is the base game without any season effects. At the end of a season, all your characters that you have played, including their equipment, will be transferred to the non-season. The special effect is that the Paragon levels you have earned are transferred to your current Paragon levels in the non-season.

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