Bountie Package

Bountie Package

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Bountie Special

As reward for completing all bounties active in an act you'll receive horadric cubes from Tyrael and by opening a cube all contents drop to the floor, the loot of these cubes mainly consist of crafting materials, gems, blood shards, rare and magic items and with a bit of luck even a legendary item. We from Game Looting gladly help you with your bounties. Youz will recieve 5 Horadric Caches from every Act and 800 Souls for reforging.
Game Mode
WhatsApp (Accountplay only)
Discord (Accountplay only)

Your Price
149,99 €
Incl. 16% Tax

Process & settlement

Choose the class and the Game Mode you want. Fill out your battletag and enter your WhatsApp number and/or Discord Tag, because the booster regulates the unlock of your account with you.
This article is only available for account play. That means we play your account
Add your selected boost to the cart, follow the order process and pay your boost.
You will be contacted by our booster via Whatsapp or Discord as soon as possible after your order. Give him your account data and unlock him for your account. Either this is done via an activation code by an email from Blizzard or via an authenticator if available.
The booster then takes care of your order and is in contact with you about the play seasons, the progress and completion of your order.
As soon as your character has all the chests and souls, the boost will end and the booster will let you know immediately.

What you get

From each act 5x Horadric cubes on the Tornment 16 you also get an additional 800 forgotten souls and we leave all boxes on your character so that you can open them if the space allows it.
In the cubes are bloodshards, special craft materials from the acts, normal craft materials, fragments for portal stones and you have the chance to get a specific legendary items.

What requirements do I need for this boost?

Character at level 70.
You need the game Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on PC. You also need the paid DLC for the necromancer.

When does my boost start?

Usually directly on the same day and usually immediately after ordering. There may be delays at the beginning of the season.

How long does it take?

The whole order takes about 3-5 hours.

Is the boost safe?

Yes he is safe. You don't have to expect any punishment from Blizzard. There has never been a case of punishment in our company's history.

Is Account Play Safe?

In the first place it is safe but there is always a certain residual risk. We use our own VPN network to minimize the risk. There has never been a case of punishment in our company's history.

What happens to my data after the boost? (Accountplay only)

We delete all account data from our system. Nevertheless, we recommend changing the password before and after the order.

I have an authenticator. Do I have to remove it? (Accountplay only)

No you can keep it active. You only have to activate our booster when he first log in to your account

Can I play during the boost if the booster is offline? (Accountplay only)

Yes, you can speak with the booster about the times when and who is playing.

Things you should never do ingame

Please NEVER write in-game with a booster about real money, ordering or gamelooting. This is for your protection and the booster. If you should violate this rule, you will be removed from the group and the service will be canceled without refund.
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