Convert Paysafecard Balance

Convert Paysafecard Balance

Convert remaining balance of your Paysafecard in Gamedollar

You still have funds remaining on your Paysafecard and can not use them? Just change them to Gamedollar and use every cent of your Paysafecard without any problems. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible in Germany by various laws to combine the balance of your cards, so Gamelooting offers you a real alternative!
Of course, you can redeem the Gamedollar for each order in the shopping cart and charge accordingly. The 10% fee will be deducted from the exchange.
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Paysafecard conversion - How it works

1.Enter credits of Paysafecard
On the right side (right next to the shopping cart button) you can enter your balance of your Paysafecard and see directly below how much Gamedollar there is.

Please note the 10% fee that applies to Paysafecard payments. These are already deducted automatically.
2.Check Gamedollar preview
Under the field mentioned above, after entering your credit, you will already find the calculated credit that you receive in the form of Gamedollars.
3.Convert credit
Press "add to basket" and follow the normal order process. As soon as you have paid with your Paysafecard, the Gamedollar will automatically be credited to your customer account.

The perfect way to use balances! You can repeat the process as many times as you like until all of your paysafecards are used up.

Paysafecard Balance

You can only redeem one paysafecard per round. If you have several cards, repeat the process as often as you like.
Credit in Gamedollar