Earn money with Game Looting

You're a Streamer, got a website, blog, Youtube channel or something similar which goes in line with the games we're offering services for and you want to earn money from advertisements? Then you've come to the right place! We offer a variety of methods to successfully earn money by Game Looting. Game Looting offers different ways to draw a commission.

Read all information on this site and fill in the form at the end of the site if you want to become a partner of Game Looting.

The facts

monthly payments on the first 1.

5-10% commissions (scale below)

commission immediately after incoming payments

personal coupon for your users or viewers

individual reflink

ommission to pre-tax purchase price

Scale of commissions

We offer three levels of commissions which are orientated at your income. Additionally mayne individual agreements are possible, e.g. value of your coupon and a lot more.

5% commission

0-499 Euro sales per month

7,5% commission

500-999 Euro sales per month

10% commission

starting at 1000 Euro sales per month

Stated sale values are for the pre-tax income in a calendar month. Commission rates are adjusted on the 1. of the month.

Fill in the form and become a partner

After you filled in the form and send it, we'll contact you to cover additional details and create your reflink.

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