WoW: Battle for Azeroth 2 new continents 06.11.2017 01:46

In this post, we'll give you the new content and talk about the 2 new continents awaiting us in the new World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Contents of the new extension

  • 2 new Continents
  • 6 new Sub-Races
  • 10 new Dungeons (Mythic + will stay)
  • New Raids
  • Island expeditions
  • Warfronts
  • Azerite Items - Heart of Azeroth

The 2 new continents and their territories

Kul Tiras (Allianz)

If you’re on the Alliance, you’ll venture through the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras and untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic.

Kul Tiras is dominated by four major houses, including House Proudmoore in Tiragarde Sound, House Waycrest in Drustvar, and House Stormsong in Stormsong Valley.

Tiragarde Sound

This area is under the leadership of Jaina's mother Katherine Proudmoore and is located in the north of Kul Tiras. This landscape is haunted by pirates.

For months, they have attacked their territories and also the city of Boralus. It is up to you to stop this hustle and bustle. The city of Boralus will be the new Strategic Point for the Alliance.


This area is under the leadership of Waycrest House and they have always made sure that the army of Kul Tiras have been provide with supplies.

For quite some time, however, there are also problems here because a curse weighs on the area. You must find the source of the curse and free Drustvar from the clutches of dark forces.

Visually, it is a mixture of ghost lands, Duskwood. Sometimes there are large grass areas and then forest again, so watch out for what lurks behind the trees.

Stormsong Valley

Again, the people have settled down and there is the house Sturmsang which is extremely important for the Navy of Kul Tiras. The family takes care of the completion of ships and boats. For quite some time now there are problems with new enemies and dark forces causing unrest.

Visually, the focus here is on a hilly landscape as we know it from the shadow highlands. Green meadows and mountains with white snow peaks. A beautiful area where you can take some time to explore this more accurately.

Zandalar (Horde)

Zandalar is the heart of the troll empire and is known as Azeroth’s cradle of life. Trolls are among the most ancient of beings known to exist on Azeroth—their presence precedes the arrival of the titans. There are three main territories in Zandalar: the lush jungle of Zuldazar, the dank marshland of Nazmir, and the storm-scorched desert of Vol’dun.


The capital of the Zandalari is ruled by King Rastakhan and becomes the Horde's base of operations. He himself is a witch doctor and is also considered King of the Trolls.

The greatest danger to this kingdom is called blood Trolls. These want to destroy the entire kingdom and call their own.

Visually, this city reminds of the ancient Maya and pyramid temples. It is also considered the oldest city in Azeroth.

With the cataclysm, many parts of the landscape have been lost, and the last troll cultures outside are either populated by enemies or by nature itself.


This wetland holds all forms of danger. From evil trolls to dinosaurs are represented here. Trolls in this area search for a creature called Loa and the area is subject to a mythical magical mood.

Ancient secrets of the Titans are hidden in the depths of these landscapes that could even destroy all life in Azeroth.

Let the voodoo of the trolls affect you and enjoy the swamps that remind you of the island of thunder. But be careful.


After ancient gods destroyed this area, which was once a green, overgrown idyll, only a barren and deadly desert remained.

In these, the trolls send their criminals to death. This desert is not uninhabited, because there you will meet 2 local races.

The Sethrak, two-legged snake-headed race, and the other, the desert fox Vulpera

After reaching level 120 and having solved the problems on your own island you will also explore the other enemy areas.

The war campaign will then take you over where outposts will be built and fight against the enemy faction. So every player has the chance to explore all areas and to complete quests.

In the next post we will talk about the 6 new race of the two factions